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The best decision I ever made

Taking this CPC training course was one of the best decision I ever made. Dr. McIver is extremely knowledgeable in all things coding. I learned more from her than I did taking a semester of medical coding classes. She was always available to answer questions by phone, email, or text. Dr. McIver is a wonderful teacher and encourager. You will know after meeting her once that she means business and that she is going to do whatever is necessary to help you pass your CPC exam. After taking this course, I felt confident and ready to take my exam. I passed my CPC exam on the first try. ‘I know that I know’ (these words will be firmly fixed in your brain after taking this training) you will not regret taking this course.

- Alyson Sykes, CPC-A


You can get to the right answers

As an AAPC certified instructor, Tawana McIver provides expert guidance about reading test questions, and discovering the nuances of CPT and ICD 10 CM codes, so that you can get to the right answers. The training includes marking up code books logically and working through many model test questions, including ones that a significant number of test-takers fail to answer. I came away with many practical insights.

- Anonymous


Ms. McIver gives students numerous chances

Through a round-robin approach, Ms. McIver gives students numerous chances during the two-day course to answer these model questions. In addition, Ms. McIver provides excellent job aids that students can copy into their code books for use on test day.

- Anonymous


I strongly recommend her CPC courses

Ms. McIver energizes her students by bringing into clear focus so many insights, strategies, and tactics about coding diagnoses, procedures, and services. I strongly recommend her CPC courses.

- Paul Turner


I passed the CPC test on the first try

I am so glad I found Tawana, because she knows coding inside and out and most importantly knows how to teach it. I passed the CPC test on the first try and I know that I would not have been able to do that if I had not learned so much from Tawana.

- Kim Cranford, CPC


Dr. McIver loves teaching and inspiring others

I have had the pleasure of receiving mentoring from Dr. McIver and have concluded CPC training is first a passion; second a career. Dr. McIver loves teaching and inspiring others to succeed. Dr. McIver’s passion is displayed by her deliverance as she conveys the components of CPC in a manner in which the students, such as myself, can comprehend and apply the rationale that is so warranted in CPC training.

- Donna Robinson, CPC


I give much credit to Dr. McIver's Training for my success

Dr. McIver's CPC Training is well designed to successfully prepare anyone for the certification exam. She provides an organized and detailed program that hones your knowledge and thinking skills. Dr. McIver is patient with your learning and expounds on complex subject matters to ensure complete understanding before moving on to the next subject. After taking Dr. McIver's CPC Training, I successfully passed my exam the first time. Eight months later, I had my first coding interview. After going through the first round of interviews, I was invited to the second round which included a pre-employment coding assessment. I immediately reached out to Dr. McIver who provided numerous real world examples and nuances associated to the coding specialty in which I was interviewing for. I was overjoyed when I received the call that I was chosen out of dozens of other candidates for my current position. I give much credit to Dr. McIver's Training for my success thus far!

- Briana R. McCoy, MHA, CPC


It is well worth every dollar and more

Dr. McIver embodies the superior teacher who demonstrates and inspires her students. If you want to grasp the coding concepts and understand how to apply the coding concepts to the CPC exam, you must take her preparation class. It is well worth every dollar and more. She teaches, explains, demonstrates and inspires us to never give up no matter the obstacles. The class helped me to understand concepts and techniques I did not clearly understand in my formal medical coding training. I feel confident that I can pass the CPC exam after completing her preparation class. Thank you so much for caring Dr. McIver.

- Anonymous

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